Rich men of the world

In the world there are many wealthy men, but there are also very rich.
Conditions of rich men it is estimated at some billion dollars.
Wealthy men are able to afford to live happily. Yachts, elite car, closed party, girls is everything at them is.

To live happily - that can better?
To afford enormous a mansion or to live on own three-deck yacht.
To spend money right and left and expenditure for daily needs.
To buy the last innovations of equipment and automotive industry.
Wealthy men can afford it. They are able to afford everything.

Everyone probably asked himself a question - why not I on their place?
Why I am not rich? It all people of the earth also differ from wealthy men.
Wealthy men don't ask such questions. Wealthy men simply own the wealth.
They watch at all the others and earn when the others look at them.